Anne Crescini


私は英語がわからない友達が多い。最近、1人に「ブログを読みたいけど読めんバイ」っと言われたから、日本語で書こうかなと思った。初めての日本語のブログだから間違いだらけかもしれない。博多弁も出すぎかも。けど、私はいつも学生に言ってるのは、コミュニケーションのゴールは、完璧な文法じゃなくて、言いたいことが通じること。だから、言いたいことは、相手がわかったら、成功した。コミュニケーションが取れたら、小さいミスを気にせんでいい。同じように、私は完璧じゃない日本語で、最近あったすばらしい出来事について、多くの友達に読んでもらいたいから先週英語で書いたブログをここでバイリンガルにする。 Two weeks ago, Riz and I closed on our dream house. Back in November, we weren’t even thinking about buying a house. In fact, I had never wanted to buy a house because I always thought that it would tie us down, and we never knew where we were […]

(Almost) Happy Homeowner

So, I am always looking for new blogging topics, so I decided to buy a house, since that is something that I have never done in Japan. Just kidding—but not about it being something that I have never done. During this four-month marathon process, during which I have found that […]

I Am Not a Foreigner.

I just returned from Kyoto, and there were foreigners everywhere I looked. In fact, it was harder to find a Japanese person than a foreigner. My ears were constantly filled with the mysterious sound of foreign tongues, and my eyes with the sights of exotic foreigners, most of whom seemed […]

Worldview and the Value of Life

Worldview is quite simply, how one views the world. What do I value? What is reality? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is there a god or gods? What of the afterlife? What is morality? What you think about these important life questions, and many others that I […]

Stupid Stereotypes.

My last two blogs have been about stereotypes without me even realizing it. When I returned to Japan ten days ago, the customs guy stereotyped me as a drug smuggler since I had been travelling 38 hours, and obviously, to him, looked like a stoned punk rocker. In his mind, a […]