Anne Crescini

About Anne Crescini

About Anne(アンちゃんは?)

Anne Crescini is a teaching professional, researcher, writer, and blogger. All her friends call her Annechan. Originally from Southwest Virginia (not South West Virginia) in the United States, she has lived in Japan for 16 years. She has previously lived in Kobe and Kitakyushu, but now is proud to call the city of Munakata in rural Fukuoka Prefecture her home. She is totally crazy about it. She looks forward to growing old with her friends and family there, and since she just bought a house, will probably die there, too–hopefully after paying back the loan.

アン クレシーニは大学の准教授、研究者、作家、ブロガーです。友達はみんな「アンちゃん」と呼ぶ。アメリカのバージニア州生まれ(ウエストバージニア州じゃないバイ)、16年間日本に在住している。3年間神戸に住んでいて、10年間北九州にすんでいた。今福岡県の田舎にある宗像市に住んでいて、バリバリ好き。宗像で家を買ったばっかりだから、宗像でおあばあちゃんになって、宗像で死ぬ。うまく行けば、住宅ローンを返した後死ぬ。

Anne has written a total of 12 books—two memoirs, several books on Japanese culture, two English language textbooks, and a guidebook for foreigners living in Japan. She also writes a weekly bilingual blog about her reflections on living in Japan. Her goal is to make people laugh and learn at the same time. She writes entirely in Hakata dialect, and apologizes for any unintentional grammatical errors.


Anne loves teaching university students, and in addition to her teaching duties, she has written many papers and done several presentations on topics including study abroad and English-inspired vocabulary in the Japanese language. Although she looks like a punk rocker, she is actually a moderately accomplished researcher.


She has been married to Riz, a lifestyle photographer and adjunct university instructor, for 19 years. They have three daughters; Mia (11); Abby (9); and Emmy (7). Her children, all born in Japan, and who all have questionable English skills, provide much of the material for her blogs and books.


Anne is a committed follower of Jesus, and is working with the local church to help the Japanese people understand God’s deep love for them.